About IBS

Welcome you irrepressible baker, you! Not a baker? You might be surprised - the pastry/cake/biscuit/bread chef in us can come out at the most unlikely occasion!

About My Irrepressible Baking Syndrome

For me, it took a year of living at a hostel while studying at university, where the food was bad enough to turn me vegetarian and think 'surely I can do better than this myself!' So after spending the first 19 years of my life not being able to boil an egg, the following summer I had crash-courses in cooking from both my mother and aunt. I learnt the basics from them, but wasn't really at home in the kitchen until I realised that the oven doesn't have to be scary and can even look friendly when chocolate cake comes out of it. I fed my classmates and flatmates with baked delights that year as I taught myself to bake, and the obsession with culinary craft has never really stopped since.

Fast-forward five or six years, and I'm now married (to a former flatmate - goes to show my early baking days can't have been too disastrous!) with a bit more time on my hands. Having enjoyed baking but not really spent much time 'honing the craft' as they say, I've spent more time this year (2014) getting into cake decorating and developing adaptations to my favourite recipes. 

This blog was created to fulfil my needs for both a photographic, step-by-step recipe book to keep track of the things that make and enjoy, and a place to direct people who ask for recipes (who wants to write them out over again or trawl through emails to find past recipes?!). I'm also a real 'people' person so I'm also enjoying interacting in the 'blogsphere' and seeing other people's inspirations. Together, I hope we can fuel each others' irrespressible baking syndromes!

About Another IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

The other inspiration for the title of this blog is related to the medical condition of the same abbreviation. As I wrote about in my very first blog post, many people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome are diagnosed by elimination of other options. For me, blood tests showed that I am not gluten or lactose intolerant, yet at seemingly unexpected moments I experience bloating and other unpleasantries that are usually associated with a food intolerance. The few foods that I have managed to relate to my IBS symptoms include apples (yup), coffee (yup, that too!), brassica including cabbage and brussell sprouts, and foods with a high fat content such as Kiwi favourite Fish 'n Chips. 

I will still blog recipes for a variety of diets, but if you are an IBS sufferer you may have different 'trigger foods' than I do. Please let me know if you would like to share any helpful recipes for any type of diet. As long as food is involved, I want to encourage you to be the best baker that you can be and to enjoy culinary delights with an irrepressible passion!

UPDATE: I've written one post so far dedicated to IBS diagnosis and some of the issues it creates. Stay tuned for a follow-up!

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