Thursday, 1 May 2014

Two Cupcakes For The Price of One: Chocolate Berry Cupcakes x 2

After a bit of time off work over the Easter break (largely spent without my computer!) I'm now tidying up some blogging ideas that didn't quite get polished off before the holiday. 

At one point recently I made around 200 cupcakes within one week - in fact, it felt like I did little else in that week... So here are some of the recipe ideas that inspired me for these tasty treats!

Two types of chocolate plus two types of berries equal two delicious varieties of cupcake: (Dark) Chocolate Mixed Berry Cupcakes and (White) Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

The dark choc/mixed berry type were the basis for the Easter cupcakes below that I made for an after-church morning tea.

Jacquot jelly eggs and some pastel-coloured hundreds and thousands make the perfect Easter decorations
This is Annabel Langbein's recipe for One Pot Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes which is both delicious and easy, and has a decent cupcakes-per-egg ratio (my personal test for money's-worth-iness!). For variations in the past, I've added half a cup of jam to the batter, used mixed berries instead of only raspberries, and used coconut milk to make up some of the yoghurt/buttermilk. It's quite important to let the mixture stand for a few minutes before filling the paper cases if it's runny, as this helps it to thicken. The cream cheese in the icing MUST be full-fat (see Baking flail post to demonstrate why...) and doesn't set particularly well so make sure you can keep them refrigerated and transport them in trays without stacking. 

The white choc/raspberry cupcakes were the personal favourite of a bride-to-be friend, and served as birthday cake at her combined hen's do and birthday party. White choc ganache swirls on top look and taste great!

The recipe for the white choc/raspberry cupcakes was Cravin Cake's recipe for White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Ganache. It's actually a white choc mud cake recipe - soooooo decadent but sooooo good!!! You have to fill the paper cases quite full because the cupcakes don't rise very much while cooking. You might see that I mixed the berries into the batter so that they were berry nice... ;-)

Two types of choc, two types of berry, two delicious cupcakes - tried and tested by yours truly! 

And that's your inspiration-station for a cupcake nation ;-) 

(don't worry, I'll stick to my day job and NOT become a poet!)

Delicious girly brunching fun!